About us

Welcome to the #1 Online marketplace for luxury watches sourced direct from the Manufacturer at unimaginable bargains.

At Knick of Time we are dedicated to bringing you the absolute best deals directly from our suppliers as and when they choose to provide a rock bottom deal to us on varying products.

Wonder how we can provide such amazing deals on quality timepieces? The exclusive nature of our relationship with quality suppliers means that we can provide limited time/quantity deals that usually would not be possible.

What you can expect from Knick of Time:

  • Consistent Jaw Dropping Deals on Individual Timepieces
  • Package Deals to blow you away
  • Quality Timepieces Delivered in Condition as Displayed
  • Fast Shipping
  • Low Shipping rates
  • 1st Class customer Support/Chat


* A WORD OF WARNING....Another thing you can count on, is that a deal will NOT last for long. The nature of these sales we provide you is only possible for limited amounts of time as and when the supplier decides to cancel the deal is at their discretion, and we will immediately be forced to return the sale item back to full price. So if you want something DON'T TAKE TOO LONG!